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Phil Swindells and his 35 mile run for Sharks!

Phil Swindells and his 35 mile run for Sharks!

"It was warm and sunny as we set off from Preston Grasshoppers RUFC on the first leg of my adventure across the Fylde. Accompanying me on bikes were my wife Sarah, Peter Trend from BenTrend GetInvolved, David Rees, Aidan Carson and Ian Pearson. About 3 or 4 miles in we were unexpectedly joined by another group of cyclists, Andy Charles and the Paris to Pisa Charity Bike Ride crew and for them to cycle out and meet us was a fantastic gesture, please look out for updates of their epic 800 mile cycle ride on Facebook and other social media. I was now surrounded by about 10 people on bikes making my journey on the fairly dodgy back roads a pretty safe one, thanks everyone for that.

Aidan Carson left us after this and Ian Pearson had a puncture so he decided to sort that and then head back home Preston way, cheers Aidan and Ian. We arrived at Thornton/Cleveleys RUFC with a bit of rain in the air but bang on schedule and were joined by Aodhan Carson who was going to run the rest of the route with me and I really can’t thank him enough for that! As we entered Fleetwood and Reesy had recovered from getting his front wheel stuck in a tram track and coming off his bike, the rain began to get steadily heavier and we definitely needed the 10 minutes respite from the heavy downpour in Fleetwood RUFC’s office before setting off south towards Blackpool.

Running through Cleveleys, wet through, wasn’t much fun but our spirits were lifted by the sight of a number of Blackpool RUFC players waiting for us for the run into their club. About 15 or so people came out to greet us at Blackpool which was fantastic, they also gave us some money to put to the total so all in all a brilliant effort from them.

Accompanying myself and the cyclists for the run into Fylde from here, were Paul Beverley and Richard Openshaw and on the Promenade at Bispham, Deborah and Tony Terras joined us too. Aodhan was still running strong and the last 11 miles would have been so much harder if this lot had not been there to help me along. Unfortunately Reesy had another mishap on his bike when his chain snapped and he met up with us at Fylde later.

The sun came out as we ran and cycled along Blackpool Promenade and dried us all off nicely! It was a brilliant feeling as we entered Fylde RUFC’s gates after 5 hours and 15 minutes running and after a good few slaps on the back and photos, I celebrated completing the 35 miles with a pint of Guinness; this went down unbelievably well! Doug and Dorothy Thomas from Fylde Sharks were at Fylde to meet us, which was great and it was really good to meet them.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped, supported and sponsored me on this challenge. I’ve named a few people in this write up but there were so many others and you are all awesome. To be able to give some money to Fylde Sharks, who do amazing work with the youngsters of the area, makes all the hours before, during and after the event worthwhile. At the moment the total money raised is about £1,600 and I can’t wait to arrange to come along with this and see you all.

Thanks very much from Phil Swindells"

THANK YOU Phil and well done, from all at Fylde Sharks. We cannot thank you enough for raising all this money for our club!

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